v2.2.0 - DB Schema Changes

DB Schema Changes

  • No backward compatibility. If you are using an old subscription DB, you should change to the new DB schema.

New features

  • NSSF(Network Slice Selection Function) is added.
  • SMF selection is added.


  • [DB] Masking MongoDB credentials when logging (#827) – cglewis
  • [EPC/5GC] Branch name changes from master to main (#811) – PawelMack
  • [AMF] Cause of UEContextRelaseCommand uses Cause of UEContextReleaseRequest (#789) – PawelMack

Bug Fixes

  • [SMF] Fix the bug for DataForwardingNotPossible (31977bf)
  • [AMF] Fix the exception handling routine when UE/gNB repeatedly sends NGAP messages (#804) – strongcourage

Download – v2.2.0.tar.gz