Open5GS is a C-language Open Source implementation of 5GC and EPC, i.e. the core network of NR/LTE network.

Supported Features

  • Release-17 compliant
  • AES, Snow3G, ZUC algorithms for encryption
  • Support of USIM cards using Milenage
  • IPv6 support
  • Multiple PDU session
  • Handover(5GC Xn/N2 and EPC S1/X2)
  • CSFB(Circuit Switched Fall Back) and SMSoS(SMS Over SGs)
  • Support ePDG Interface(SWx, S6b, S2b)
  • VoLTE(Voice over LTE) with HSS-Cx interface
  • VoNR(Voice over NR)

Known Limitations

  • No Interworking with EPC
  • No NB-IoT
  • No eMBMS
  • No SRVCC
  • No Roaming
  • No Emergency Call