Copyright License Agreement

A Copyright License Agreement is a legal document in which you state you are entitled to contribute the code/documentation/translation to the project you’re contributing to and are willing to have it used in distributions and derivative works. This means that should there be any kind of legal issue in the future as to the origins and ownership of any particular piece of code, then that project has the necessary forms on file from the contributor(s) saying they were permitted to make this contribution.

The CLA also ensures that once you have provided a contribution, you cannot try to withdraw permission for its use at a later date. People and companies can therefore use that software, confident that they will not be asked to stop using pieces of the code at a later date.

The agreements used by the Open5GS project are standard documents provided by Project Harmony, a community-centered group focused on contributor agreements for free and open source software (FOSS). For more information, see

2. How do I complete and submit the CLA?

The Open5GS CLAs can be found as below.

(Email) Download the appropriate CLA, then print, sign and scan the document before sending by email to

(Electronic submission) If you’re contributing through a pull request to Open5GS project on Github, please read its acceptance by going back to GitHub and accepting electronically.

3. How will my contributions to Open5GS be used?

Through the license agreements, we ask you to grant us permission to use your contributions within Open5GS and to continue to provide Open5GS under open-source and another licenses and within proprietary products. As we do not ask for copyright assignment, you retain complete ownership of your contributions and have the same rights to use or license those contributions which you would have had without entering into a license agreement.

If you have any questions about Open5GS licensing and contributions, please contact us at