v1.3.0 - Moving 5G Core

What’s New?

The Open5GS project has implemented several NFs required for 5G Core(SA). Also, all messages have been changed to Release-16. Therefore, EPC can support NSA, ENDC, CUPS, etc.

However, the package contains only MME/SGW/PGW/HSS/PCRF. If the tests are fully verified, I will include other NFs in the package later. You’ll need to compile the source code for the time being to use added features.

  • To use CUPS, you need to run NRF/SMF/UPF instead of PGW.
  • 5G Core installation is described in this LINK

Next, I am considering the separation of SGW-C/SGW-U to implement full CUPS functionality. And, if I have more time, I would like to add NB-IoT function.


Bug Fixed


Download – v1.3.0.tar.gz