v1.2.4 - New package for Ubuntu 20.04(focal)

What’s new?

  • Document for Dockerized VoLTE setup(#412,#413,#414) – miaoski
  • Binary package for Ubuntu 20.04(focal)


Bug Fixed

  • PGW segmentation faults on DeleteSessionRequest for unknown session(#417) – laf0rge
  • Fix the bug when only one DNS was configured(#404) – miaoski
  • PGW doesn’t response to CreateSessionRequest on Diameter error from PCRF(#403) – laf0rge
  • PGW crashes without connection to PCRF(#402) – laf0rge
  • SGW selection_mode crash (#400) – kbarlee
  • Change ULI as optional in P-GW(#399) – laf0rge


Download – v1.2.4.tar.gz