v1.0.0 - Rename Project to Open5GS

New Project

  • Rename Project to Open5GS v1.0.0

New Package

  • Support Ubuntu 19.10(Eoan Ermine)

New Build

  • Change BuildTool to Meson(autotools removed)

Install Meson using Python.

$ sudo apt install python3-pip python3-setuptools ninja-build 
$ pip3 install --user meson

To compile with meson:

$ cd open5gs
$ meson build --prefix=`pwd`/install
$ ninja -C build

Check whether the compilation is correct.

$ ninja -C build test

You need to perform the installation process.

$ cd build
$ ninja install

Bug fixes

  • Add memset() after ogs_pool_alloc() in mme/sgw/pgw-context.c (#267, #268) – laf0rge
  • Do not overwrites configuration files for ninja install (#252) – laf0rge

Download – v1.0.0.tar.gz