v2.2.2 - It will be deleted soon

IMPORTANT Using v2.2.x

  • DB Schema Changes: If you are using an existing subscription DB, you should delete the existing DB. Then you can add a new subscription DB.
$ mongo
> use open5gs
switched to db open5gs
> db.subscribers.drop()
  • The New WebUI: You have to log out using the old WebUI backend/frontend. Then, you can log back in again using the new WebUI backend/frontend.
$ git checkout v2.1.7
$ cd webui
$ rm -Rf ./node_modules
$ npm ci --no-optional
$ npm run dev

## You should log out

$ git checkout main
$ cd webui
$ rm -Rf ./node_modules
$ npm ci --no-optional
$ npm run dev

## You can log back in

New Features

  • [EPC] Added E-RABModificationIndication/E-RABModificationConfirm (#834) – alf-askey
  • [ALL] Advertising address for all SBI and GTP-U interfaces (#825) – infinitydon

Bug Fixes

  • [5GC] When PDR is created without deleting session, there is a bug to create new PDR. (#860) – kbarlee
  • [NSSF] Add default NSI configuration for NSSF (#859) – AniketTiw
  • [MME] Fixed the MME crash during HandoverCancel without Target eNB (#855) – kuanghanqian

Download – v2.2.2.tar.gz